2020 A Year of Promises & Dreams

What an incredible year we have ahead! 2020 is a year pregnant with promise - where the Lord is positioning us for the most unusual and extraordinary advances, even transformations. I believe this will be a year of God’s children catching a better glimpse of His heart in every sphere. Sons and daughters truly taking hold of his promises and applying them with breathtaking outcomes. Catchy vision-related words aside for the iconic year ahead, it absolutely does feel like the perfect time to pursue more of the Lord’s vision for my family, my nation and my future. A year of seeing more of the dream He imagined when He sculpted this magnificent world, and lovingly handcrafted each beautiful soul for a great purpose.

I remember sitting with a friend back in 2016 here in their home in California. It was our first year studying in the states, and the second year for these friends from Australia. We were chuckling about the notion of not really knowing where it would all end: the selling things, leaving countries, saying yes with no clear picture of the outcome. I found myself saying, ‘2020 will be clear insight’. Though I had meant to use the word hindsight instead of insight. Meaning that hindsight will provide a clear view of what God was doing all along. My friend, who is quite prophetic, looked very thoughtfully at me and said something like, ‘oh really? You think the year 2020 will provide clear insight? Yes, I can see that’. I have returned to this conversation in my mind once or twice over the course of our four-year stay here in the States, and each time, I can’t shake the conviction that those words were not accidental at all.

The more I sit with the Lord over what the new year holds, the more I am convinced that this will be a line-in-the-sand kind of year. A year where a fault-line goes through the church. A new benchmark of His presence is coming. He is seeking laid-down lovers who are willing to step over the line of not-knowing. Servant hearts who hold in tension the balance of 1): saying yes before the full picture is clear, and 2): continuing to contend for His vision in a situation, a nation, a people before they see breakthrough.

I must understand more of His heart for my family. Have you ever been curious about why you were born into the particular family you were, at the particular era, on a particular continent, in a particular town? I need to know more about what His dream was when He brought these beautiful, quirky, unlikely Jackson four together. What did He imagine us doing together? What was His greatest dream for us? The same goes for my nation.

Though we are studying on the other side of the world, I never want to lose sight of God’s dream for my country and my people. The more I am away from Australia, the more misty-eyed I get when I see a commercial with our rugged landscape or hear a heart-felt cry from one with our homeland’s accent. I want to know what God’s vision was for our people when He looked down the line of history and saw this moment?

What about His bride? Oh, that we would ache for His bride, the way Jesus does! Now is the time to ask ourselves what Papa’s dream was for His body of believers for this moment in time? When He was dreaming about us, what did He have in mind for His people in this iconic year that speaks of perfect vision? I encourage you, this January, instead of going after personal New Year’s resolutions, let’s ask the Father what His purposes, His dreams are over this new year: over our families, over our nations and over His glorious bride. May we all see a little clearer into the heart of the Father in 2020 and the promises He laid out for us before time.

May 2020 be the best year yet!

Much love,


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