Florida Ministry Trip Update

What an incredible opportunity it was to travel to Miami, Florida with Bill Johnson this September. The first event we attended was the 2019 Conference of the Apostles and Prophets. Over 18,000 people were present at this event, with more than

153 nations represented in total. There were so many phenomenal revivalists here. Giants of the faith like: Bobby Connors, Paula White, Cindy Jacobs, Apostle Renny McClean, Robbie Dawkins and the incredible Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, who’s church (King Jesus Ministries) hosted the event. Due to the nature of the size of the conference, we knew there may be limited ministry opportunities, yet the privileges afforded us on this trip made me feel the incredible favour of the Lord. On the last afternoon of the conference, ‘Bill’s team’ was asked to move around the room and pray for people, then called to help up front. It was pretty chaotic. At one point I found myself praying for people in the same line as Paula, Bobby and Bill. If you had asked me if I could ever have imagined that moment, it would be a resounding no! What a phenomenal privilege it was to serve at this event.

During our trip, we got to take some strategic time with just Bill and our team, which was an incredible gift. I love what word says about giving double honor to your Pastor for faithfully preaching and teaching the revelation of the Word of God (1 Timothy 5:17). I know this verse has been used out of context before, but in Bill’s case, being in the room with him, I felt the weight of a life spent in the secret place before the Lord, that required utmost honour. The humility, kindness and Presence that accompanies this man in person, is beyond anything I can describe. I know that he would only ever want his life to be an invitation to us, and I only share my thoughts on this since it had such a deep impact on me. However, taking time to do ministry, and a very small slice of life, beside this true living general of the faith, is something I know I will be telling my children’s children about.

Incredibly, on the second night of the conference, we got to have dinner with another general of the faith: Robby Dawkins. This man has had such an impact on my thinking and on our family. I got to tell him how I took the girls on a road trip to see him speak in Australia and how he was the catalyst for them wanting to go after healing for their eyes. The dinner was unbelievable. For 3 hours we got to hear firsthand all the incredible things he has seen in his travels to bring the gospel to the world, in particular the way the Holy Spirit is breaking out in the Middle East. We got to ask questions too, but mostly he shared his phenomenal testimonies. What a night!

After the CAP conference, we travelled to Orlando where Bill was speaking at Jesus Nights at Michael Koulianos’ church (Jesus Image). Michael and his wife Jessica (Benny Hinn’s daughter) were so welcoming. Bill had our team bring words of knowledge and went after healing. We saw so many people get completely set free from all manner of conditions. Over half the building was impacted in some way. As we were wrapping up the night, which was the last night of our trip, Bill came and hugged each of us and said, ‘thank you so much for coming’. My word, really? Thank YOU for this amazing opportunity and for never changing the subject of revival that has revolutionized our lives.

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