Ministry Trip Update

The trip to the Cultivate Revival conference in Orlando, Florida was a culmination of nearly 2 years of ministry and study. Together with 13 other students we were the ministry team for PS Bill Johnson and Dr Randy Clark as required at the end of their sessions as well as just help serve the conference and guests in any way required. We were praying and believing for people to encounter Jesus and experience His love through healing, prophetic, words of knowledge, love and peace because that's God's heart, and that's exactly what happened over the course of the 4 day conference. Our team saw many miracles including back healing from car accidents, deafness gone, ankle injuries healing from sporting accidents, legs grow out and many, many more.

For me personally, I had really wanted to see a creative miracle occur (that is for something missing in the body to literally need to be recreated for it to be healed). This happened on the first night as I had the honour to pray for people with missing knee cartilages and see them get full movement back, pain free. I also prayed for people with hip issues, watching as they got full movement back. One of the attendees requiring healing of her hip, was a young teenage girl who, when doing certain actions, would find her hip would "pop". After prayer she was able to o that same action over and over in complete freedom with no fear.

One of my more challenging moments came when I got talking to a gentleman whom I was sitting next to. In one of the breaks he told me of how a vehicle had rolled over his ankle and caused damage that required 19 pins and screws to hold the joint secure. He also had 3 fused joints in the ankle. He showed me that he could only move his foot in a straight up and down movement (no side to side or rotating action). He mentioned this occurred when his daughter, when extremely little, had accidentally bumped the brake off and this is how the vehicle came to roll over his foot. His daughter, who I would guess to be now in her late teens, was actually with him at the conference. He mentioned he was coming to get prayer from Dr Randy Clark (who has many documented healings of metal dissolving from people's body after prayer). After finishing talking to him I was walking away thinking, "why would he want me to pray for him when Randy Clark will be?". I felt the nudge of the Lord and so I asked Gad why should I pray for him when Randy Clark will be. I felt the answer back was "why not!".......So I went and prayed for him. There is so much more to this story but, suffice it to say, he experienced God in his body and started moving his foot in ways that were physically impossible for the last 15 years. The thing I never want to forget is his daughters' reaction. The sheer tears of joy for her father will never be taken away from me and can never be explained away. I saw a physical healing for this man, but I also saw an emotional healing for the daughter that God brought in that moment. She has now seen the power and love of God in action first hand and will never be the same again for it. For me, this is what it means to believe in Jesus, it's not just so I can receive his love, but I then have the privilege to share that love with others in unique ways that speaks to them individually. What I have freely received, I can freely give away.

There were so many other incredible things I got to be a part of on this trip, that would take for more time than this blog. However, to be a part of a team, the body of Christ, whose sole purpose was just to love on people and bring them an encounter with Jesus, regardless of their fears was inspirational and a real example of what we can do together. We were all very different personalities, but none of that mattered as we had a singular purpose and we bonded together in that unity. As a result, restaurant managers got blessed, waitresses felt loved, people waiting for their orders gave their lives to Jesus, people who had been hurt by past church experiences got to feel the love of God in a powerful way. This is our destiny as a body of Christ and I am excited to be part of that.

One highlight of the trip was the opportunity our team had to sit with Bill Johnson over a meal for a couple of hours. I remember thinking, 'this is something I'll be sharing with my grandchildren someday!' He is just a man, like all of us, yet there is something about hearing a visionary's heart. Hearing from one who has given so much of his life to serving God and others is an honour I will never take lightly. His love for God and, as a result, his love for people, is simply amazing.

Most people who read this know me and know my heart. So the only reason I write some of this is to encourage you. This is your destiny, this is your heavenly Father He is good and wants to engage people with His love and He wants you to be part of that. He wants you to engage and bring His love and power to people, like you and me, whom He sent his Son Jesus to die for so we could have a relationship with Him. Don't shrink back, don't let fear of what people may say, or what may not happen hold you back. You may even be encouraged or receive accolades, but it will be easy to remain humble as you lay those accolade "crowns" at His feet. Always bring yourself and the love and power of Jesus.



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