Ellysia's adventures in Healing Rooms

Every Saturday, Bethel Church welcomes people to its Healing Rooms. This is where passionate believers gather to create a place for God to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. People come from all over the world to experience the presence of God and see healing and restoration in their bodies.

The cool thing about God is that when He comes and lives with us, He doesn't give us a junior version of Himself if we are younger. Children who live with an awareness of His presence aren't hindered by all the filters and cynicism us adults can sometimes suffer from. They are free to listen openly and often minister the love of God powerfully to others because they simply believe He exists and is a good Papa who wants to see his kids restored.

Ellysia has been a part of the Children's Healing Rooms team for over a year and a half now. She has seen God touch people and bring healing in many different ways. Her team has seen a lady walk out of a wheelchair and felt a cancerous tumor on the neck go down, among many other things. This last Saturday as I was waiting to get Ellysia, the Children's Team were celebrating around a whiteboard. At the start of the morning, they'd asked God for what ailments they may see today and corporately they'd listed 67 conditions. At the end of the session, they'd come back together to see if any people were prayed for with those conditions. Only 7 on the board weren't accounted for in the day!! 60 very specific words of knowledge direct from the Father!

Recently the Children's Team got together to pray for Chris Gore, the leader of Bethel's Healing Rooms. It was an incredible time of honoring their overseer with prayer and prophecies. Both Conrad and I have trained for the Healing rooms and Lily has also just joined the Children's team. We'd love your prayers and support to continue this powerful ministry.

If you have any healing needs at all, please email us. Both the girls, and Conrad and I, would love to pray for you!


Jo xoxox

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