Community House Outreach

For the past six months, our family has been helping out at a local community house called Manter House, an outreach of Shasta Thrive here in California. This is an incredible place that reaches out to the Anderson community. The house provides a place where people can come to connect, to find purpose and direction and overcome difficulty. There are youth programs for at-risk teens, kids club activities, positive parenting programs, bible study nights, guys grub and games dinners, free computer services and our personal favorite: the Future Story Program.

Future story is an incredible four-month workshop where participants experience transformation as they discover their strengths and increase stability to live with purpose. Each participant is encouraged by mentors along the way. The workshop is ideal for people experiencing instability in finances, health or relationships. Participants gain perspective on their past and find direction for their future, as well as learning new tools that help to create and reach their goals.

At the end of 2017, into early 2018, Conrad and I trained for eight weeks to be mentors in the Future Story program. Then, it was our great honour, to lead participants through the four-month program which wrapped up last week. We had the immense privilege of taking a beautiful couple through the entire journey. What an incredible experience! Our participants were so committed to growth and they saw so much breakthrough and transformation. The participants have made huge changes and committed to goals that will not only greatly improve their own lives, but will positively impact their family and their children's families to come.

Ellysia and Liliana had the opportunity to help out with care for the participant's children. This was a great chance for them to meet people from all walks of life and increase their compassion for those in different circumstances to them. We had many discussions about the diverse ways/homes we can be raised in, what it means to have someone believe in you and the change it can have in the trajectory of your life.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. You make it possible for us to take the kingdom of God into these families - you are literally helping change lives half way around the world. Thank you!

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